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Wilds of my heart ...

oki ... I need to find my 'courage' because I want to start traveling alone this summer.. I am old enough to do it (I think too old to have some worries :) but never ever I did it in the past :) ... even I don't know how to start to prepare myself... first I was planning to go to the Iceland with two friends, but -changed the plans- .... fuuu that is life :OOO ... so I'm starting to think about traveling alone ... my foreign language skills are not so good but maybe it could working... so so soo ... :O


my puppy

and she was born on 7th June 2015, so now she is ...hmmm... a big puppy :D :D

my LOVE :)

she makes so so much happy, fun and calms my mind after arriwing home from work :)))


it`s a long time ago I posted here but it`s nice

so I wish all the best to everyone and... myself :D :D :P

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Taken from[info]silverrain184

Three Names I Go By

1. Maťa - majority
2. Tina
3.  .. after taking up my work it`s Dr. Telepovská, :0

Three Jobs I Have Had In My Life
1. a doctor - otorhinolaryngologist
2. ?
3. ?

Three Places I Have Lived
1. Trebišov
2. Košice
3. Milhostov

Three TV Shows That I Watch
1. Prison Break
2. Partička
3. Moonlight

Three Places I Want To Go
1. Japan
2. Irland
3. .. hmmmm .. Bora Bora?

Three Of My Favorite Foods
1. Živánska - it`s so simple and still delicious
2. a salad of chicken and celery
3. pasta

Thing I Am Looking Forward To
1. when I have my attestation
2. allow myself a trip to Japan
3. when I have a child ^^

Three Pets That You Have Owned
1. a dog Ťapko
2. a turtle Miky
3. and one another dog named Floky

Three Friends Who Will Reply
1. really have no idea
2. the same
3. the same

Three Favorite Bands/Singers
1. Kamenashi Kazuya

3. Lifehouse

Three Favourite Sports To Watch
1. hocky
2. footbal
3. a little skiing

The End   ^^

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aaa  ...  wanna go home  ..  only one hour later and my schift ends ..................................... but I love my job

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Hello friends, ..

The vacation .. love it .. I`m in High Tatras, there isn`t a lot of snow, but enough for skiing :) Today, it was one wonderful day, the sun was shinig, there were not so many people on the ski slope, so no crashes :) BUT .. when it was my last ski-running, I released music on my mp3 - I just dropped when NEWS played .. Koi no ABO :( I was singing with them, not so loud, but still singing .. and I guess I focused more on vocals than skiing .. awch .. it hurt .. hehe, but no fracture, only small bleeding .. but after my dropp - GUYS I love your song so much SO WHY? .. :-)

So peaceful .. ^^

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Hello ..

Today I was watching KAT-TUN No More Pain World Tour 2010 and it was amazing, NO it is amazing. Totally awesome. I cann`t stop looking on those guys. Huh .. they take my breath. When I was watching their other concerts I still was looking for Kame :) .. hugs him :)
Now I don`t know who is the best because they all five guys are awesome. I mean .. I feel like there are not 5 different people on the stage but one superman :) .. they are like ONE for ALL .. love them ^^ Jin`s parts in their ministration .. again hugs them for this perfect job.
Love their voices, Tatchan`s heights, Koki`s Make you wet :), I finally saw /noticed (sorry for this) Junno on the stage, Maru`s songs and beatbox..
Huh I still listen to KAT-TUN`s songs over and over.
And for Kame .. I lose words because I love all .. on him :) Hmm I can not believe there is such a man on this world ^^ .. I know I know do not know him personally :)

Ok .. thank you guys for your great music, for your hard work and wish you many many good ideas for future and also a lot of energy and enthusiasm for work ^^ and please be together as far .. as we can feel from your last concert :)


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends and indeed all <3

I wish you good luck, health and a lot of love and God`s blessing ..
and a lot of beautiful days with KATTUN .. forever ^-^

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Thus, my project is finished, so I was actually the exact seminar I have already made and my lecture hit pretty well, now only look forward to Christmas ..

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I have to make a project .. but I am not in "project" mood .. eee .. what can I do ??
I have one month to the seminar, but my boss will kill me for "my no project mood" ... if she finds out ..

workaction 2010 :-

..so these people are my colleagues and really good friends .. and of course ME .. ehm .. I made this photo :-

..it was fun :-

..we were hungry :-
..and thirsty :-

..aww .. it was cold :-

..hmm, my daydreaming .. about what or whom ?? ..:-

..Jane, she is really good dancer and maker of fun :-

..heh .. and my boss too :-

..late in the evening ..


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